Twin Palms Publishers Website


1. Challenge

For nearly 30 years Twin Palms Publishers has created beautiful, and oftentimes controversial, fine art and photography books. In need of a new website, Twin Palms requested a design that portrayed the compelling nature of the books they designed and printed; one that did not detract from the quality of the work and one that allowed for easy purchasing.

2. Approach

Keep it simple. The books would speak for themselves, so we took into consideration how the books should be displayed and how the typographical solutions would balance with the imagery. The book covers and detail pages were made primary, and we worked with Santa Fe typographer, Arlyn Nathan, to set the type just right.

3. Outcome

This minimalist website begins with an open book. The books and the artists draw you in, and the ultra simple functionality allows you to browse by category and place your order without distraction.

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