CAVU Website & Newsletter


1. Challenge

Through flight, film, and education, CAVU (Calm Air, Visibility Unlimited) empowers people to take action in their communities and fight for environmental conservation and social justice. CAVU has many stories to tell, and with each story there is a campaign for change, so it was vital that these stories were told in a compelling way to capture desperately needed support.

2. Approach

CAVU’s best opportunities for outreach are through a website, newsletter, and social media outlets. It was determined that these were the best avenues with which to reach their constituents and appeal to donors. For the website, we explored a number of interface design and architectural solutions in order to drive the viewer to their videos and corresponding campaigns quickly and effectively. Typography, graphic elements, and minimalist color palettes where also evaluated to allow for a seamless experience.

3. Outcome

The result for the website is an image-driven site that allowed for impactful messaging and easy navigation to individual campaigns and news updates. The powerful imagery, messaging and typography translated well for the layout of the newsletter and in social media outlets. CAVU has received world-wide attention for their significant and critical work, and they continue to gain momentum through these invaluable tools.