Montgomery & Andrews Law Firm Logo


1. Challenge

Founded in 1936, Montgomery & Andrews Law Firm provides comprehensive commercial litigation and legal services throughout New Mexico. The firm was looking to redesign their brand, beginning with their logo and an identity system. Their existing logo used a traditional M&A monogram which was not representative of their forward-thinking attorneys. This team of attorneys wanted a logo that better represented their well-established and progressive firm.

2. Approach

Our research including taking a look at other law firms and legal institutions, as well as M&A monogram logos. What did we discover? That M&A was actually a very common monogram, as was the ampersand treatment.

The new Montgomery & Andrews logo needed to be dynamic, demonstrate connectivity, be symbolic of broad expertise, and represent their history in New Mexico. Using this criteria and established creative brief, solutions were presented and surprisingly enough we received a consensus from a team of over 20 attorneys.

3. Outcome

The result was a series of interwoven lines forming the M and A letterforms. These lines and corresponding color palette are indicative of New Mexico’s culture, while the continuation of the letterforms give you a clear sense of progression.