Horizons Sustainable Financial Services Branding


1. Challenge

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, a Santa Fe based company specializing in Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing. Horizons is the only investment firm in New Mexico dedicated exclusively to sustainable investing, so it was important that they be able to convey their specific expertise in New Mexico and throughout the Southwest. They required a new identity as well as an ad campaign to elevate their presence and make their message loud and clear.

2. Approach

To best meet Horizons’ needs, we first looked at their clientele. Their primary audience consists of investors and investment advisors who are interested in making a commitment to investing that supports and promotes environmental stability and social justice. We also evaluated the tone and messaging of the investment market, and how to best balance this with sustainability.

3. Outcome

The design solution for the logo was an illustrated “H” that uses a leaf as its connecting symbol. This logo, combined with a sophisticated blue palette and horizon photography, exemplifies their mission of building a sustainable, socially just world through sound investment practices.

The identity system was followed by an ad campaign, one that prominently states what they do and what they stand for. We think the premiere ad says it all “Invest like you give a damn.”

Vist Horizons Sustainable Financial Solutions at horizonssfs.com.


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