Farmhouse Genealogy

September 1st, 2014

The remodel of my Grandmother’s farmhouse was completed in November of 2013. Built in approximately 1903 outside of Powhattan, Kansas, this house sits on 350 acres of land and is still a running farm. My Grandmother, Jane Bowron, and her sisters Ruth and Theresa Ann were born, and grew up, in this house. Grandma Jane was the last sister to pass in 2009, and my Grandfather passed in February of 2013 leaving the house for Dad and myself.

I wanted to capture the ancestral history leading up to the building of the house by creating this genealogy wall, a wall that traces our lineage back to our Dutch, German and English ancestors from the 17th and 18th centuries. I am so grateful for this house and what it represents. There are few of us left in the family, so working on this revitalization with my Dad Joe, Stepmom Carol and Husband Robert has been an enlightening and emotional journey. I am also so thankful for my Father-in-law Jim, genealogy extraordinaire, and Robert’s extensive research which led me to the creation of this wall.

Our hope is to visit this home as often as possible, to retreat, to be, and to embrace our family and its history in this place.

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  1. "Hello McElroy Family" wrote:

    I was in Hiawatha today and read your Email you wrote last year. My Great Grandmother was Ida Angeline Klinefelter Dimmock. I would love to get in touch with you to share family photos and information. Georgina Faller Marlo Platte City, MO.

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